Finding a proper Chief Accountant seems to be a problematic recruitment to solve in the Baltic Sea Region. Many clients we meet shares the same story about their problem.

Many have tried traditional providers but got stuck in time and money consuming processes. Experienced candidates who are working with other EU countries and Russia, seems to be a skill that you don not find with advertising and thru databases

Many companies have hired a candidate from those who applied, just in a short time having to dismiss them. The two biggest reasons were the lack of skills working with modern IT-systems and no regional experience. Many businesses are growing and therefore they need a Chief Accountant who is ready for that and can stay a long time in the company.

We in Human Search can proudly say that we have succeeded finding top candidates for these positions. We do this with local and regional knowledge and thru real Head Hunting. Customer satisfaction is the best reward you can get, seeing your clients leaving a long term vacancy behind

If your company is in a similar situation do not hesitate to contact us so that we can have a discussion about your specific case


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