Finding the right business partner is crucial to be successful. More and more companies turn to Human Search after they tried to make their own partner search but have not succeeded.

Human Search is an international headhunting company that works with both large international and SME companies. Along with the extensive contact network we possess and the detailed research of numerous markets we can offer the optimal business contacts for you. Do you have inventions, creations or new technology you want to get out on the market? Are you looking for the next generation of innovation for your company or organization’s development? Or are you simply just looking for new distributors or end-clients in other countries to boost your business? Or maybe want to find better or more cost effective suppliers?

A business search project is started with a meeting or a telephone conference where we go through your business, what kind of cooperation you desire and summarize in to a business partner specification. After that we begin to research the relevant market to identify potential partner companies, and make sure they match the partner profile. Human Search makes sure the selected companies qualify for the meetings with you that we will organize and we will present them in detail before your meetings. Additionally we can assist you in negotiations and translations.We are constantly ready to support you so you can develop successful business relationships.
We help companies and organizations to find new domestic and foreign business contacts and partners.

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At Human Search, we are specialists in headhunting and search. In only 20 working days, we present the best candidates for the most difficult positions in all industries that match your requirements.

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